Young Butterflies Poem by Romeo Della Valle

Young Butterflies

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Young butterflies,
Please, let your tender wings grow
Before you try to hit the skies
In an attempt to early fly
When the time is not right!
Scared to Hell you would be
If this dangerous endeavor
You would desperately try
When the time
Doesn't seem to be right!

Take my advice
Young butterflies,
I, the humble gardener
Who in my colorful garden
Have seen many like you
Trying to fly for the first time,
Defying the rules of gravity
When the time is not right!

Young butterflies,
Listen to the echo of the wind
And let Mother Nature
Takes its course!
While happily you welcome
The birth of a new sunrise
That would bring hope
To your tender life!

Young butterflies,
Let your wings grow
Until they are ready to flap
And you would be able to fly
And dance in the skies!
Please, young butterflies,
Listen to my humble advice!
Wishing you luck in your first flight!

©All Rights Reserved-2012

Dedicated to all the young people in the World!
Kim Barney 28 July 2015

Beautifully done. Wonderful advice, not just for butterflies and teenagers, but for everyone. Congratulations on having it selected as Member Poem of the Day! Please read my poem BUTTERFLY OF DEATH. Thanks.

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Hilal Yilmaz 26 August 2012

A wonderful, awesome, great, beautiful and inspiring poem! ! ! I really have to say that you became one of my favorite poets. Thank you so much for so many wonderful and inspiring poems. Hilal from Germany.

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Johnathan Juarez 26 August 2012

such a nurturing poem and inspired it reads. thanks

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Ekaterina M. Polischuk 26 August 2012

thanks for your advice and wisdom for all young people)))) great poem!

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Abdallah Gamal 26 August 2012

Beautiful! Outstanding! No, that's really amazing! Our life is the like the life of the butterfly, we yet believe that we can fly before our wings grow till we fall on our heads.. Your writes are amazing, and you attract the reader's mind to it, keep up the good work, Sir :) 10+++

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Mahtab Bangalee 30 May 2020

Young butterflies, Listen to the echo of the wind And let Mother Nature Takes its course! .....superb dedication.... excellent poem.... great poetic writings....10++

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Vidya Murali 29 May 2020

Perfect analogy.... a very good message to the youngsters

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Me Poet Yeps Poet 04 January 2016

INSPIRED POETRY POET FRIEND Your butterflies implies young teens lovely ones taking wings upon shoulders and sprouting water springs as to them happiness you bring butterflies about you swing they love a fling is it not so I know the butterflies lie and lay low as they know towards heaven they will go as winds of fortune at them you blow they will all show.. as they lie low and finally in candles a flame glow like flamingos

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Veeraiyah Subbulakshmi 28 July 2015

the hurt inflicted in our young hearts will remain with us for ever.. so it is better to follow the advice of elders instead of getting into trouble in the name of adventure and fun..Well done, Romeo

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Jayatissa K. Liyanage 28 July 2015

Gem of a poem for budding butterflies waiting to fly mostly not knowing what, why, where, with whom and how. Great job.

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