And A Falling Star Poem by Romeo Della Valle

And A Falling Star

Rating: 4.7

And a falling star
Will relieve you
From the shadowless and sorrowful
Solitude of marble....
When you will rise hopelessly from prayer
The twilight will fade
In the black of your beautiful eyes....
And there shall be
No more complaints....
And maybe again,
You shall be a happy
woman again...
I doubt it....Who knows?


Roni Lane 10 January 2010

Your poem makes me think, 'He must think of beautiful poems every day! This poem lifted my spirits today and i say THANK YOU! : ]

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Kishore Asthana 25 March 2010

I do hope the person this beautiful poem was dedicated to read it and it worked its magic on her.

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Silver Sky 13 April 2010

Beautifully uplifting! ! ! ! ! ! Loved it! ! ! ! 10++! !

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Adeline Foster 18 June 2010

Ah, But Perry Como caught one. Enjoyed this! Adeline

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Laura Jane Wilson 23 June 2010

Thank you for sharing this poem, its beautiful.

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Eric Cockrell 08 August 2011

beautifully written... a painting of the heart!

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Cheryl Aldea 02 August 2011

how lucky the woman is, such wonderful dedication. Keep on sharing!

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Ken E Hall 05 June 2011

A dedication of wisdom indeed for the lady with the falling star to open your thoughts...very nice to read...regards

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Shadow Girl 10 May 2011

Beautiful imagery. Short, sweet, meaningful. I hope whomever it is dedicated to read and appreciated it!

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Tsira Gogeshvili 02 May 2011

When you will rise hopelessly from prayer The twilight will fade ........................................ Romeo, it's very beautifully Thanks for the comment, and for your poetry.... they are so remarkable.. Tsira,

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