Romeo Della Valle Poems

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A Journey

After traveling the universe,
I decided to travel my own earth,
carrying no luggage
Only my mind and heart!

In Pursuit Of Happiness

In the pursuit of happiness, ..
I have crossed many bridges…
Climbed many mountains
& traveled many roads;

A Broken Heart

Where the ends of life meet
A boundary is broken
Overstepped and outreached
When another creed has spoken...

A Bohemian Night Life

Sitting quietly at a table in a corner bar
With his pride tarnished and a heart broken,
His mind seems to be gone away very far
But he is ready to release his words unspoken...

Young Butterflies

Young butterflies,
Please, let your tender wings grow
Before you try to hit the skies
In an attempt to early fly

A Love's Game

Once you were the moon
And I was the sun,
I was a gardener
And you a beautiful rose...

A Carbon Copy

Rubbish, written rubbish
I can't show it to anyone I know
They'll get the wrong idea,
They'll think I am fatalistic,

A Cry Out

Oh! Heart of mine!
That has been broken
In so many pieces and many times…
Here I am, wondering

And A Falling Star

And a falling star
Will relieve you
From the shadowless and sorrowful
Solitude of marble....

A Naked Language

The heart is deceived by a muted tongue
That is bound by captivity...
A feeble voice- Uncertain wrong
Is divested of word's gravity...

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