A Cry Out Poem by Romeo Della Valle

A Cry Out

Rating: 4.7

Oh! Heart of mine!
That has been broken
In so many pieces and many times…
Here I am, wondering
If you can survive this time,
When I am drowning in a valley of tears,
After contemplating the departure
Of another so-called everlasting love….

Oh! My dear heart!
Temple of my sadden life! Here I am, once again,
Walking through a path that leads to nowhere…
Here I am, eating without taste,
Looking for consolation
In the emptiness of loneliness…

Here I am, trying in vain
To hold a love that is gone…
Oh! Heart of mine!
Will you survive next time?


Joen Deviev 23 September 2009

i like this... full of emotioness.. very nice and make me feel im the cry out there..

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Linda Moore 27 September 2009

Heart cries to Love and be Love, your poetry flows and is lovely....10

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 09 November 2009

a truly touching poem...love when it leaves..takes from you substantially

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Misty Johnson 30 November 2009

wow so touching...i loved it...the heart crys and bleed just like we all do so i dont know why people arent gentle with it when we put it in there care...i give it a 10 ='']

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Mehta Hasmukh Amathalal 10 January 2010

Here I am, trying in vain To hold a love that is gone… Oh! Heart of mine! Will you survive next time? , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , forget not the true lov no use shedding the tears for gone love...if ucry then it will bring shame to her and to you... hold it for ever....beautiful poem and i liked it most..........10 read mine.............cry not............... anywhere..no separate ways

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Amitava Sur 04 October 2013

A poignant write up of loss of love, an irreparable loss, which oozes through those line. excellant

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Chris Blazo 14 August 2012

Very good! I can realte to this as so many others can too. Im pretty sure you'll make it the next time. Good, down to earth write.

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Shining Star 19 December 2011

This is a very good write... Yet so true... Sometimes in life when our heart takes lead it can be devastaing in the end....

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Gary Manning 11 August 2011

Yet agen fantastic I felt that way a few times myself.. I felt this to the soul so it has to have a 10 or 12

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Matthew Petranovich 05 August 2011

I love it. It's so true and thats why some people don't fall to fast but time heals all wounds, even though it leaves scars. p.s. Thank you for commenting on my poem. I never knew a poet so famous would actually write on one of mine. Thanks again

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