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A Cloud Of Rain

Rating: 4.5

A dark cloud of rain
drifted into my life
And for some time,
I felt good, happy...
I no longer felt lonely.

I thought life would go on happily
In one long, long stretch of time...
But when the cold, harsh
winds of change started blowing,
The cloud of rain
had to drift away...

Life is still going on
In one long, long stretch of time...
I am not lonely.
I can't say I am sad or unhappy.
But you have left a void
That would take me
a long, long time to fill.

Yash Shinde 25 April 2014

A realistic view of life, .............at times we feel vacant, a sudden feeling of loneliness overtakes us............ Not necessarily palpable, but it eats away from within...................... A true n lovely write

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Bharati Nayak 23 September 2015

A wonderful poem.Life is never a straight line.It is full of ups and downs.Yes, time heals the voids and new hopes appear on the horizon.Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem.

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Rajpal Singh 30 August 2015

A note of bereavement is expresses at the ending lines, the positive hope is adorable which reflects in the opening lines. A heart felt expression.

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Akhtar Jawad 13 May 2014

Time is the best healer, lovely poem.

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Ken E Hall 07 January 2013

Feelings gone with the wind I'm sure the void will be filled soon with your luvli poems...regards [ luvli is how Yorkshire people say it.]

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Suresh Kumar Ek 26 August 2020

you have left an emptiness that would take time to feel. nice

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Aarzoo Mehek 25 June 2020

Life is still going on In one long, long stretch of time... I am not lonely. I can relate to this beautiful poem. Thanks for sharing

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Sehdev Sharma 12 December 2019

great words madam.......good

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Jaya Agarwal 09 September 2019

Life is still going on In one long, long stretch of time- - - great expression- - -beautiful work- - - 10

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Savita Tyagi 30 July 2019

Hearttouching words straight out of the heart. It is so heard to fill the void left by the absence of a loved one. Time heals surly but slowly.

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