A Crime In The Dark Of Night Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A Crime In The Dark Of Night

Rating: 3.2

Under the cover of the drowsy night,
I see a very painful sight,
On the outskirts of the city,
A crime is born out of pity,
The crime is henious in nature,
Modesty experiences a fracture,
Who are these awesome faces,
I saw on them no traces,
No traces of shame and modesty,
Humanity seems to be void of honesty,
They are waiting for the customers,
They can be both old and new comers,
No job for them is a better substitute,
For each one of them is a prostitute.

Malaya Roses 23 April 2011

Prostitution at large and our morality was challenged either to hate them or try to save them. Social critique in style of its own. well done.

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Romeo Della Valle 24 April 2011

There are many reasons for the oldest profession of the world to keep booming throughout time! It is sad situation but we can't do much just pray for those forced or not to engage in it! A well crafted write my friend! Thanks for sharing and Love and Peace for always!

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Santosh Sharma 27 April 2011

A radical thought , painful when night is awaited to chase the customer. Let God shower his grace to take out humanity from henious acts of existence.

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Humanity seems to be void of honesty, this one line, Mohd. says a whole page as usual you capture truth in humanity

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Sherine El Geziry 15 June 2011

This is very true. The description is very tangible though brief. It's as if you have managed to delve deep into their mentality and insides where morals, mildness and virtues no longer exist.. Great piece :)

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Ace Of Black Hearts 11 June 2011

A Greatly Depicted Story With The Such Words That I Give This A Ten

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Micmac Mccrory 13 May 2011

A world-wide phenomenon is prostitution. Suposedly the first profession. A beautiful depiction, great use of words. I wish i could write like this. now i have to up my aspirations. thank you for sharing this poem with me.

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lost soul 01 May 2011

nicely written, a stylish poetic acccout of the mundane

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Bahraich, U.P. India
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