A Confession Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A Confession

Rating: 2.8

You have gone away from my life
But you still inhabit in my heart
When I try to forget you,
I remember you most.

Louise Hernan 29 November 2011

Been there - know how it feels. In one little verse you captured the pain of lost love - nice job! !

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How true to our nature, the things most lost are the ones we think of the most. and when we try to forget, we cannot, , simply put, but complicated we are, ! ! ! A good write of an age old dilemmer

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Jenny Gordon 21 April 2011

Wow. So succinct and so perfectly stated! Why is it that when we are trying to escape in forgetting we are sometimes most tormented?

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Romeo Della Valle 20 April 2011

Like I said in my poem titled: MY CONFESSION, I am afraid to fall asleep because I will dream about you but if I stay fully awake I know for sure I am going to think about you! A well penned and poignant write! I love it! Love and Peace for always! ...

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Juan Olivarez 19 April 2011

Yes that is the way, great loves whether they be women or loved ones always will have a place in our hearts. Short and sweet, very good poem, great words.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Mohammad Akmal Nazir

Bahraich, U.P. India
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