A World Of Treason Poem by Mohammad Akmal Nazir

A World Of Treason

Rating: 4.7

Let's see the world with an open eye,
And take it as a bivouac not destination,
Its love is false and nature sly,
It's an obstacle in the way of emancipation.
It will betray you when you need it most,
What is there in it to make you please?
All that you gain here will be lost,
It's like a prison and will not release.
Greed and lie are its ultimate rewards,
Hopes are trampled and hearts broken,
Nothing except
trouble it awards,
Your own loved ones are brutally foresaken.
Why should we trust such a useless thing
Which is certainly selfish and not fit to cling.

C Yusuf 17 July 2011

This depth thinking poem is two thumbs... I like it very much.

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Spiritual Seeker 17 July 2011

Your lines are powerful, great message...beautiful words..love reading your poems brother Akmal! A great 10.

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Ken E Hall 18 July 2011

Yes we are slaves to money the root of all evil since time began we are never free in this world the poem looks thru the eye of truth and sees only falsehoods, that's what I feel.in the poem ++++++10...regards

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Kiran Sam 18 July 2011

If only mad-rushing world would just stop by and listen to such true words, grr888 poem again.

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Stefanie Fontker 18 July 2011

This is a great poem, not many people see the word with two eyes, but you do.

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Omar Hatem 05 August 2011

nice poem akmal...keep it up :)

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Juan Olivarez 24 July 2011

Sadly you have captured a great truth, grim, abysmal but true, thank you for sharing.

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C.R. Clark 22 July 2011

I think you have an excellent form in this work. I like poems that flow easily as they are read and this one certainly fits that scenario. If by the 'world' you mean the inhabitants, I understand your statements as people can certainly be dissappointing at times. I have to say, I dissagree with your assessment of the world. I see this as possibly written about a temporary emotional experience. I have such a poem (entitled 'Irrelevant') . It does not describe Me at all, but it does describe the way I felt at the moment I wrote it. I enjoyed your poem a great deal. Thanks for the invite. Richard

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Tai Chi Italy 22 July 2011

Well I suppose this is ONE way of looking at the world Mohd! Luckily for me, I don't see it that way. I see a world of beauty. A world where to live to the fullest, is our god given duty. I see a world forsaken by its inhabitants I see a world shaken to its very fragile core. I see a world in trouble Therefore, in this world My efforts must be doubled For our children and our children's children It is up to us to put the brakes on our obsession to fight. In peace We shall see the light. Thank you for directing me to your poem It was interesting. Smiling at you Tai

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Marissa Dunken 20 July 2011

Hey, Thank you so much for reading and commenting on my post! I read 'A World Of Treason' and i loved it. It is true that people do have an ugly side and love does hurt! I also read some of your other poems and I like them so I think ill keep looking at your poems, and if you could try and let me know if you post a new one because Id love to read it! ! Love from Nebraska.

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Mohammad Akmal Nazir

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