Ex- Girlfriends Poem by David DeSantis

Ex- Girlfriends

Rating: 3.2

Uncertain drops
Of anguish
Filter through the night
While waste water
Remove any light
As California raisins
Dance to the sight
Of mixed
Metamorphic kites.

Every little symptom
Begins with your bite
While every diagnosis
Is a problematic height
And every trapped memory
Is another kind of blight,
Alleviated neurons
And sycophantic rites.

I'm caught up in a struggle
Of allegoric might
Stuck between an angle
A catatonic plight
A half finished puzzle
To share for your delight
In certainty only
Can wrong
make it right.

Copyright (c) David DeSantis

Monday, May 5, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: break up
Kaela F. 05 May 2008

How accurately does this describe the confusion of emotions running through one's head during a breakup...Very wonderful writing. I enjoyed reading this very much...it captured the feelings to the 't' of how a breakup is.

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Michael Campbell 05 May 2008

great poem. lots of confusion running rampant in the back of the mind. i really enjoyed this one. lately you've been hitting my target well enough. thanks chief smoke.

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Emancipation Planz 05 May 2008

the proof... you are not getting anywhere near my....... (like what you do with water though!)

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Ivor Hogg 05 May 2008

confusion reigns supreme in the wee small hours looking back over what could have been but is not

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Original Unknown Girl 06 May 2008

This is superb! Brilliant cadence to it. HG: -) xx

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R H 17 May 2008

From the 'uncertain drops of anguish', the words in this poem don't just flow, they cascade to expose a surge of thoughts and images that ultimately beguile. The blending of shapes, colours and confusion give this poem an abstract quality that is both vbrant and lasting. justine.

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Greenwolfe 1962 13 May 2008

This is a very fine poem and its worthy of the writer. GW62

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LOVEFOOL Aka 09 May 2008

A really good intense read beautifully written as allways Thanks Nik

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~ Jon London ~ 06 May 2008

Ahh, bro...the very creatures that can make or break a man, I'm really not the one that can comment to be honest..as I'm still lost in this world waiting to be saved..but I love your magical way with expression...genius mate.. Stay strong Jon

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That is actually a seriously clever piece. (Try having ex boyfriends though and then think yourself lucky. :)) t x

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