A Dare Dream Poem by Shihabudheen K J

A Dare Dream

Rating: 5.0

A dare dream brings to my destiny
an uninvited guest!
This is not at all a tale of mystery,
but a factual history.
There needs no facebook walls
to support my statement.
No updations on seasonal leaves,
we call dairy guaranteed.
I dare to present her.

Whose natural grace rival
a bard's ink and imagination.
Whose silent whispers
keeps a seashore waveless.
Whose rebel acts makes
history her ardent follower.
Whose eyes say no tale of tears
but wait of a life time.

Am still dreaming.
Nothing I feel,
but a security of divinity.
I was a blood clot.
And I flourished in this
tunnel of hope and comfort.
See, there is a link of
energy drinks between
me and she
that entertains no delay.

Its time for me to come.
She passed on me that
longwaited hearty divine message.
Who is she?
An evolved messenger of love and care! .

A beholder of purity who keeps
a season of enlightenment on her lips.
An angel of wisdom who carries
a garden of thoughts by her spirit.
A goddess of patience who feeds
her love with a dropp of eternity.

I opened my eyes.
Made that wanted cry.
Still Kept dreaming.
My little heart was beating for her.
The most dramatic stage raises its curtain.
I saw her.
She is not a mermaid,
but more than an angel.
She reveals without veils.

mother is a reality..but before becoming a reality in the same way as we children were her dream, she is thought to children's dream too...........my work is about the never ending love and care felt by the offspring towards his mother before and after delivery........open up your opinions
Valsa George 07 September 2012

Just amazing! ! Great write! Enjoyed every line of it! !

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Romeo Della Valle 09 September 2012

WELCOME TO THE POETRY WORLD! We are all proud of having with us such a talented writer like you in the Poetry World! Your love and touching feelings filtered through this amazing write give you away! 10+++ Thank you for sharing and keep it up! God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo-New York City

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Shihabudheen K J 09 September 2012

Happy to know you all are listening to my words.its greatest feeling ever.

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Darkangel Flyfree 10 September 2012

This is a very good poem, enjoyed it very much! Your mother most be very proud of you Shihabudheen! You always do have some inspirational poems to share with the world! Keep it up my friend!

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Neela Nath Das 12 September 2012

Very nice poem. A great tribute to Mother.

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Edward Kofi Louis 28 October 2016

Waveless! Thanks for sharing.

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Sarojini Pattayat 13 February 2013

Very nice poem.Keep on writing. With each writing you will develop. Best wishes

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Barbara Nixon 05 January 2013

Excellent piece of writing, great imagery and beautifully written

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Lynn Monet 06 December 2012

Hmmmm.... The woman of the poets dream resembles the perfect image of his own mother.... The perfection of its beauty and the never ending devotion of unconditional love.... Anything less than what he envisioned is unacceptable.... Nonetheless when we do dream we aim for the biggest and brightest star....

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Sallam Yassin 03 December 2012

Great work for great love it's rain of love and garden of rose

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