Children Of Iraq Poem by Shihabudheen K J

Children Of Iraq

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Aren't these children thy creatures Almighty?
They never resemble Palestinian descendents,
whose mothers solicited
thy wrath and anger in one span of history.
Why this hell Mr.Bush?
what repentance now?
No children's cradle ever in history been bombed down! No children's cry ever been recorded by spycams!
But you made it your signature?
To invade and keep in custody
those children's life worthy 'oil'.
No baby's palm been chopped off till date!
No baby's been ever this brutally arrested!
But you the world policeman passed
upon your congress this a 'v'symbol.
Ever heard the pain of their young mothers bleeding?
else this burning feed for their young mouths?
Still monopoly ruled thy christian empire!
Never your dictator recollect your 'war of independence '
the message of the Christ crucified.
The process resumes
you get nobel for peace
still you pain children!

Kenebo Rajkumar 30 December 2011

u r a true poet, u can understand the feelings of the others, well, its really outstanding:

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Young Church Poetry 06 March 2012

Big questions you have asked, great poem. Children of Irag are sufering just bcoz of oil, just wish they cud stop fighting amongst themselves.

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Basma Amir 12 March 2012

Very nice one! ! I like it

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Kirstie Deukett 08 April 2012

This is really eye opening and full of emotion, WELDONE

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Pranab K Chakraborty 07 December 2010

Time speaks through the voice of the poet. Hard question never hurt the heart of the winner. Civilization perhaps weaved with such inhuman acts in disguise of humanity. Only poet and artist can filter it to communicate with the mass. Peace prize is less valuable than a peaceful writing where reflects the faces of commons. Thank you very much. Write more to knock. Regards, pranab 10

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Barbara Nixon 05 January 2013

Excellent poem, and a unique writing style.Wonderful write.

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Karen Sinclair 06 November 2012

Wonderful in its honesty and written with a clear intelligent mind.... tyvm karen

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Nitin Sahni 27 June 2012

Your style of write has uniqueness.Keep writing.

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Swetha Vanakayalapati 16 June 2012

a truthful work......U made us learn how a misuse of power wiped out the blossoms of the lives of children concern is remarkable, yet waiting to listen more.

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Neela Nath Das 08 April 2012

Really history never forgives the tyrants. Thanks for focusing on that brutality.

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