'Our Cupid' Poem by Shihabudheen K J

'Our Cupid'

Rating: 5.0

So late she appears in the twilight,
so fast she vanishes from the midnight.
miss her for she feels the rhythm of our soul,
adores her as she brings the eye of my angel!

Worships her calling 'our cupid',
fondles her pimples as our own kid
adding sugar to our cherry moments
editing leaves of our blossoming petals.
bending bows of devilish frost,
mixing lavender mist with our burning lust!

Every dusk and dawn,
doesn't she embrace our phone?
so warm our lens zoomed her tiny dots,
imaging the very winter and summmer of our coats!

She made us forget the giant fence,
deep spanning the woods dense.
she's not lust, but just net;
illusionist mimicking the dreaming fest
deodar shrubs covering her virgin attire;
envious of her spines lending us romantic fare........

Wahab Abdul 15 January 2012

it is a nice poem indeed i like the poem very much....a very good flow in the poem nice wording too..keep up......please read my poems more

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Bella Hernandez 16 January 2012

what a cute poem of true love and beauty very nice poem I like it very much ~Bella

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Neetha Sasidharan 20 January 2012

grt ppoem...kp it up..

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Nanthinii Mohan 29 February 2012

Excellent use of nature images right from beginning..nice thoughts and well written..

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Lasoaphia Quxazs 10 January 2012

It is lovely. You have beautiful words, as usually and you give it to everybody.

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Jahan Zeb 04 December 2012

I thought about the title and realized what I was going to read. This is my 2nd visit to your page and you did not disappoint me. A nice love poem I like the rhythm very much. Very musical piece. You've got brilliance. Excellent Lines. miss her for she feels the rhythm of our soul, adores her as she brings the eye of my angel!

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Kasia Fedyk 03 June 2012

Yes, very beautifully written Shihabudheen, ! when soul speaks of such love in its beauty it becomes magic we can truly feel.

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Darkangel Flyfree 28 May 2012

I love this poem so full of emotion and love. I just love a guy that can write some good love poems. Beautifully written.

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Sheena Datta 27 May 2012

there is a lot more going on here than the obvious and I find that, compelling.

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Neela Nath Das 07 May 2012

Stupendous! Word picture is nice.I like your write!

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