A Dead Boche Poem by Robert Graves

A Dead Boche

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To you who'd read my songs of War
And only hear of blood and fame,
I'll say (you've heard it said before)
'War's Hell! ' and if you doubt the same,
Today I found in Mametz Wood
A certain cure for lust of blood:

Where, propped against a shattered trunk,
In a great mess of things unclean,
Sat a dead Boche; he scowled and stunk
With clothes and face a sodden green,
Big-bellied, spectacled, crop-haired,
Dribbling black blood from nose and beard.

A Dead Boche
olu Ogunyale 13 September 2015

Boche = German soldier

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ka 07 July 2022

boche means cabbage head.

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Edward Kofi Louis 01 March 2017

Songs of war! ! Destroying the earth. Thanks for sharing.

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Lantz Pierre 01 March 2017

Mother truckin' horror. War is real people killing real people. Look into the face of your dead, decaying, bloating enemy. That could just as well be you. This poem pulls the veil back. The moral victory is for those who don't fight and kill.

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boy liker 420 06 December 2021

i dont like you nor do i like ur family

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There is no enemy in war. War is the enemy!

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Chinedu Dike 28 May 2022

Amazing eloquence and emotions. A poignant but apt depiction of the horrors of war.

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Gabriel 22 February 2022

Hey william

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Gabriel 22 February 2022

Hey william, my babesxxx

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Iciql 22 February 2022


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