Boy To A Man Poem by Dave Alan Walker

Boy To A Man

Rating: 4.8

Father dear father
I must have loved you

But to hear you
Hurt my mother
Made me want
To hate you

I should have been able
To look up to you like all sons do
But all I wanted to do
Was hurt you

I'd lie in bed awake
And hear my mothers cries
All I could do
Was try find a world without you

We feared you
We fled you
But we could
Never escape you

Untill one dark night
I stopped you
And saw the fear
In your eyes

I went from boy to a man
To stop my mothers cries

I still look back with sadness
But I can still see my mothers pride
As I stand by her side

Boy to a man

In loving memory to my mother

Susan Williams 26 April 2016

Came back and read this piece again. It lays it out there without any sense at all of look at me- pity me. Instead it says look at you- you can survive it too. The structure of this poem gives it stature, dignity, strength. Thank you for sharing this. May those in need read it and gain strength, dignity, and stature in themselves.

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Geetha Jayakumar 22 October 2013

A poem with a great meaning in it. It's very true, when a boy turn to a man, he will remember, all the pains of his mother. But he will display the hurt, when he grows up and will stand by her.

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Kim Barney 15 January 2015

Very touching and heartfelt. I enjoyed this well-written poem very much.

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Kanniappan Kanniappan 22 October 2013

You have said about the sad feelings of a boy who could not prevent his father troubling the mother; but later as he grows into an adolescent man, he could see the fear In his father's eyes. Nice.

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Susan Williams 11 March 2016

The worst damage is done by those who should be our guardians and our mentors and our caregivers

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Beautifully articulated the maturing of a boy into a man.

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duke perry abrokwa 31 December 2020

This is a poem I can relate to. Great write. When boys become men

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David Wood 20 December 2020

Beautiful yet tearful tribute gently pit in a poem.

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Sarah Persson 02 September 2019

A heart felt poem that truly touched me, thank you for sharing this with us

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Solomon Senxer 28 August 2019

It echoes the experience of many. Thanks for it!

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