A Flood Of Memories Poem by Joyce Hemsley

A Flood Of Memories

Rating: 4.4

Romantic nights of song and dance
Still live within my heart
And when I recall our ecstasy
Beautiful memories start.

In love, we waltzed beneath the moon
How foolish! I cannot deny...
Hand in hand and cheek to cheek
We left the world behind.

Such joy will never come again
For we are young no more.
And in golden dreams I clearly see
The way we were before.

The places where we used to go
Have crumbled now with time,
Gone has the old seat by the mill
And church bells never chime.

But love goes back a long long way
Maturing with the years like wine
And hand in hand and side by side
We still leave the world behind.

Cigeng Zhang 30 April 2015

Very touching and beautiful.

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The heart is always young and free And love a never ending song In the corridors of sweet memories Age can always go wrong................ The body ages in time and memories sweeten in the cauldron of nostalgia. Great poem and I invite you to my page for valuable comments please

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Jeannette Heywood 30 April 2015

Quite beautiful. I can relate to this poem.

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Stephen Trueman 21 May 2014

Wow, hit me pretty hard (no idea why) . Lovely.

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D. C. D 12 March 2010

lovely indeed..well penned beautiful..

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Shahin Latif 22 October 2015

Lovely poem. I like it. I enjoyed your poem. Thanks a lot.

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Prasanna Mishra 11 August 2015

As sweet as sweet can ever be. The words keep ringing and feelings rise.

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Allotey Abossey 12 June 2015

Very emotional and fascinating full of experience and very thoughtful. I love it. Thanks

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Lyn Paul 30 April 2015

To have memories like these that light up your heart and make you smile are pure gold. They will always be with you. Thank you

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Brian Stafford 30 April 2015

Well done, very moving! And congrats on getting poem of the day!

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Joyce Hemsley

Joyce Hemsley

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