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With tearful eyes I said my goodbyes
To Aunt and Uncle, many years ago.
Their home was Jackson Tennessee
Where Pearl River waters floweth free.

Romantic nights of song and dance
Still live within my heart
And when I recall our ecstasy
Beautiful memories start.

came at morning
love story without end
we stole a kiss by the river

The river flowed through meadows green
I saw the wild rose, pink and serene.
There came a voice from beyond the blue,
An angel from heaven said - it was you.

How very well I remember
The Second World War
And Winston Churchill's Coalition.
Parents of grammar school children

We both decided to dress in style
when visiting our 'long ago' friend
knowing for sure, he'd wear a smile
if we were clad in up-to-date trend.

Humour Intended:

It's a lovely day when you
'search' the humorous way.

Last night in my dream
he was smiling at me,
calling my name
'Sweet Rose of Tralee'.

Life seems full of toil and trouble
Some people are never set free.
When tired and weary in old age
There is still no tranquility.

Oh where, oh where has our love gone?
a love we shared, a love that shone
and made us happy through each day
just like a bird, it has flown away.

The wind that blows cold
across the ice-covered sea
is a southern and fearsome one
and the frosty, plantless,

Wondrous poems he writes
Nobody heeds them.
Beautiful songs he writes
Nobody sings them.


and Inspiration

Many great Masters have taken flight
To America, leaving this Island of green...
Satisfying life's ambition to capture
The International scene.

Unable to glance at your legs today
He is mesmerised by your beautiful face.
And just cannot take his eyes away from
Two radiant cheeks and a smile of grace.

Bullets were flying
and soldiers were dying
as crimson poppies
swayed in the breeze,

My pastime is my garden fair
especially in the springtime air
The tulip song is here again
a red and golden serenade

Live your life and value each moment
As the bell chimes, reach for beautiful things
May the years be filled with joy and laughter
Wrapped in the magic that romance brings.

He met a sweet gentle maiden
Out where the bluebells grow.
Romantic first love came his way
Where the silent waters flow.

The traumatic Holocaust of World War Two
caused mass murder of Jewish society.
God's children ~ neglected, rejected
suffering great crime against humanity.

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The Best Poem Of Joyce Hemsley

A Place Called Jackson

With tearful eyes I said my goodbyes
To Aunt and Uncle, many years ago.
Their home was Jackson Tennessee
Where Pearl River waters floweth free.
Elvis~ a friendly potentate
Was their 'Rock-a-Billy' man so great,
Now, in mid August of each year
The constellation of Jackson churches
Pay homage to that name so dear.

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<font color =fusha>Amy 28 October 2008

it's great to see a writer about christianity, i havnt recently read one. It's true a prayer can help: D fantastic poem

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Tj Becker 05 October 2008

What a wonderful poem you've penned. I was in awe from the very beginning. What love and emotion poured from it. It was an easy wonderful read, it will be in my favs. thanks for sharing this work of art

3 2 Reply
Sathyanarayana M V S 03 September 2008

Sir, I read some of your poems, like the magic wand in poetry representing the traits of classical as well as modern styles. I wish to read more. Thanking you. with regards, sathya narayana

3 1 Reply
James B. Earley 13 August 2008

'A Famous Quote'.......Every single word.....from that special indeed....a famous quote!

2 1 Reply
Emancipation Planz 24 September 2008

Romance from the blue... thank you.. I just wanted you to know I enjoyed it immensely (you can delet now) ...

2 1 Reply
Walterrean Salley 25 March 2022

Beautiful poem.

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Catherine staples 25 November 2020

Sadly my mum Joyce Hemsley passed away on 10 th November at the age of 92.

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Brianna Trombley 08 December 2008

all your poems are fantastic, amazing job, very inspirational, you are a wonderful poet and i wish you allowed people to comment on our poems

9 2 Reply

I love your poetry.Thank you for the inspiration.If I could rate them you would get tens and many stars.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

7 2 Reply
Ann Beard 25 November 2008

Real love, your words describe it perfectly. kind regards Ann.

8 2 Reply

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