A Good Intoxication Poem by Sarah Sisson

A Good Intoxication

Rating: 3.0

I thought my life was well
rounded in a bottle.
I was aloof and trampled
by the weight of my despair.
The canopy of drear was in
all the curves of my circumference.
It was a blasphemous time and
I had no loving God. Just a
power that was not dainty, but me.
Alone, was my past life.
This world was rounded
to converge with a fit of
jealous rage that I suppressed
with a good intoxication. Now,
although late in this life, I have
those things. I have taken advantage
of this life He has given me. With
every new breath I take I absorb
a gift a new love for my life.
I have a chance; a new start.

Copyright 01-03-2009 ©® Sarah Sisson


You are strong! You are good! ...these words from one of my Poetry In Motion Poems I now dedicate to you who speaks with the voice of a poet.

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C. P. Sharma 17 January 2009

...drink on from His cup of positivity. I loved it, a beautiful composition. CP

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Dr.subhendu Kar 17 January 2009

I was aloof and trampled by the weight of my despair................oh what a feeling of pain when quantified in matrx of grief, exact ratinale finds its own edfice by the experinces in a life, grief seems to overwhelmmed by the grace endurance and marching beyond, i simply love this new phrase, superbly wroght through lucidity,10+++++, thanks for sharing

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Kite Remedy 10 January 2009

yes, a positive thought after all the things happened in our lives.. great works..

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