*camelot Poem by Sarah Sisson


Rating: 2.7

I am made from water.
My birth was forged from what
one can only say is far and deep,
away from reality. Cold winds blow
the water above me. Here is where
I lay waiting for a reflection to
peer down upon my ivory face.
As I reach up with my sword
I will never fully emerge but you will,
if you are chosen see the cast
of my small figure. I am bound by
sorcery to muddle here in thick sand,
my feet anchored. I can only approach those
who are truly worthy. My white robe is driven
as snow and my hair falls back as
I lift my face to the surface never
allowed to fully emerge.
I am Camelots magic.
I am the lady of the lake.

Copyright 12-20-2008 ©® Sarah Sisson

Malini Kadir 21 December 2008

a place or situation regarded as very enlightened, cultured, beautiful, and peaceful... may you from chaos arise to become a haven of peace personified! ...good write!

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Estrella Baldemosa 23 December 2008

amazing imagery! thanks...

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Eddie Roa 15 January 2009

I think that this is an enchanting piece. Keep on writing

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 28 December 2008

Commendable work here, Sarah....resplendent imagery, and fluxive structure highlights this fine piece... FjR

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Anjali Sinha 28 December 2008

a good portrayal of the Camelot and the lady of the lake thanks for sharing anjali

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Marama Kelly 23 December 2008

Thanks for sharing your portrayal of Camelot and the lady of the lake. You have expressed well the depth of mysticism and myth in a way that gives life and sustenance to this. The imagery that came forth reminded me of the movie about Arthur and Camelot and how the lady of the lake rose to give direction to defeat evil and keep magic alive and living in the hearts of men. I love fantasy mythical movies and your words definitely reminded me of that movie. So well put. Many blessings to you

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 23 December 2008

'Camelot' was a legend city of a sixth century english king Arthur. The word 'Camelot' became very popular in USA in 1961/62 for youthful, stylishness, sophistication and optimisim. Symbolically it means a place or situation very enlightened, cultured and peaceful. This poem is even more beautiful and meaningful than the word Camelot depicts. Life came into being from water and it exists with water. This fact gives this mythological poem a new dimension. Flow of words and imagery is very laminar.......Absolutely 10/10

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