Self Hatred Poem by Sarah Sisson

Self Hatred

Rating: 4.9

My world was a deep cesspool
of self hatred.

The irony of it all... the grandiosity
those days mimic.

A gilded time that I will look
back upon with

care. I see that I did grow
despite the stagnant

moments I thought were lucrative.
I do not wish

to change those days. I wish to
live off of them

as if they were the valued
education that

I no longer have to strive for.

Copyright 12-26-2008 ©® Sarah Sisson

Lesten White-Pigeon 26 December 2008

great sounds like a good lesson learned..

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 26 December 2008

Pretty awesome're moving forward in excel acceleration.keep up the good works sarah!

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Aman Biswas 26 December 2008

awesome work........well the poem is small but the meanings it holds inside it is really ur better than shakesphere: P or wateva his name is XD

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Seema Aarella 26 December 2008

WOW! Really i should tell you this is one wise write....its pretty difficult to see through bad days and find a ray of hope.yes but we can live through reach the gates of hope in the heart of a hidden tomorrow.

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Linda Moore 26 December 2008

Your poetry is very good, as we all do in our writing we discover self, find reasoning, learn and grow even in the bad times we go through.....10

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Sherif Monem 26 December 2008

Sarah Very nice poem. On the other hand you need to expand a little bit and add few lines. The poem ends suddenly.

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C.R. Clark 26 December 2008

I liked this poem a lot. Sarah. It is a wonderful illustration of the fact that positive results can and do often come from very negative situations. We learn and grow from our mistakes and bad choices. Well penned indeed. A 10 from me. Thanks Richard

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Sadiqullah Khan 26 December 2008

we pass through experiences in life, , one should make them memorable any ways, , , , , , life's not so simplei believe, , , and i loved reading this great wrute, , a 10

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Mark Nwagwu 26 December 2008

Yes, what strengths we gain when we rise from the ashes, perhaps, the best education we can get - and this is well written. I'll save it and go give you my 10

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Vaibhav Pandey 26 December 2008

excellent stuff! ! ! You put your soul into it.

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