A Jeanie In The Bottle Poem by Sarah Sisson

A Jeanie In The Bottle

Rating: 3.3

I am a Jeanie in a bottle.
A ripe age sent from the times long ago.

Here I am in todays world
waiting for a wish... a magical endeavor.

Come all of you who try, who love each day and
fill your hearts content.

Live your wishes and mark the times.
All is available if only we go out and seek...

...the life we deserve.

Copyright 12-19-2008 ©® Sarah Sisson

Bonnie Collins 19 December 2008

A good write filled with wisdom and penned cleverly with imagery.. Bonnie

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Naseer Ahmed Nasir 19 December 2008

A very wise poem with great message.

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Ency Bearis 19 December 2008

a great wisdom write...with meanigful message...well penned..10 Ency Bearis

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Fiona Davidson 19 December 2008

Lovely write Sarah...enjoyed reading it...thank you

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Kefentse Sathekge 02 January 2009

i was a bit skeptic and reluctant to read when i saw the title. now i see why i had to read your poem. inspiring. i loved it :)

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Maxim Muyu 25 December 2008

Surely each day is lovely and well presented that we are in today's world, very artistic and full of altruism nature in your poetry.

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Bob Blackwell 21 December 2008

Sarah, In this Christmas time of year, I read a toast of good cheer for the better times ahead. I wish you to the best of time this holiday time. Bob 10

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Linda Winchell 19 December 2008

My real father died due to his Jeanie in his bottle, and bottle and bottle. We sometimes rub the wrong things in life looking for the answers that are already there. Ten, Great write. God Bless, Peace, Linda

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Silence Dogood 19 December 2008

Interesting and captivating well done

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