*emotional Girl Poem by Sarah Sisson

*emotional Girl

Rating: 2.7

I am an emotion.
I surface each night
and feel the pain of yesterday.
I writhe. It is a power that
I give life. It does not soothe
me. Cast an iron shelf on
my shoulder to carry dirt,
soot from a day of anguish
that I wish to combine
with self disgust. I am
proud of my pain. I wear it
like a badge that is forged
from spilled blood. Broken
bones and scars.

Copyright 01-03-2009 ©® Sarah Sisson

Izik Alcox 03 January 2009

very well expressed and filled with emotion

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Joseph Poewhit 03 January 2009

Our body conforms to the person that we are in life.

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Little Morning Star 04 January 2009

full of emotion.. I like it.. great! ! !

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Bethany Richardson 01 October 2019

This is very emotional for me because I have different emotions that I can't get out and the reason why I am this emotional is because I have just lost my auntie Michaela and I wish that she was right here with me but she isn't I really miss her so much and it's not just me that misses her it is my mum as well

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C. P. Sharma 17 January 2009

Sarah, A poetic out burst of the pent up whole, But the body's business betrays the goal. and the goal is bliss. CP

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Miriam Maia Padua 15 January 2009

very well written..very emotional i really feel the sadness in your piece... 'cause have that feelings too.... ...wonderful share...10+++

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Mamta Agarwal 15 January 2009

nice emotional write. when pain overwhelms, you have poignantly expressed what happens M, amta

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 13 January 2009

sad poem................ melanocholic poem.... Good write....

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