Sarah Sisson Poems

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A New Friend

Pulling a new friend into
your life is a form of balance.
Its a ripple in the system
that is so beautiful...

**responsible (Inspirational)

Where do I get this treasured bliss?
I take the passion of life and I take the risks.
Life isn't for that fool to be me.
I can understand my happiness in a simple kiss.

**the Day I Will Be Free

I am up in th morning... alone.... and
I feel so strange. These have been
days of change. Lights and movement
so fond, yet far. Only once the severity


I am made from water.
My birth was forged from what
one can only say is far and deep,
away from reality. Cold winds blow

*emotional Girl

I am an emotion.
I surface each night
and feel the pain of yesterday.
I writhe. It is a power that

Self Hatred

My world was a deep cesspool
of self hatred.

The irony of it all... the grandiosity

A Jeanie In The Bottle

I am a Jeanie in a bottle.
A ripe age sent from the times long ago.

Here I am in todays world

*the World

The air supports life.
The canopy of leaves keeps my skin ivory.
I am exposed and I am free.
The sun rises and falls and all I have ever seen

A Good Intoxication

I thought my life was well
rounded in a bottle.
I was aloof and trampled
by the weight of my despair.

*electric Mind

It is my mind that is electric.
I create energy when I move.
Do I not burn time, yet make
new moments happen with

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