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A Love Letter Sent To Heaven

Rating: 5.0

To you honey,
may you rest in the same peace
I had when we were together

If the sky could dance
I would dance with it forever
So that you could see us from Heaven
And smile.
If my memories with you
Could fit in a star
I would observe the stars
Every night
Until the dawn comes,
Or until I fell asleep
Thinking of you.
If every little bird
Could be a messenger
I would send you a love letter
With every single one of them.
If I could do all that
nights would not drug themselves in pain,
misery would be transformed in tears
and my well-kept 'I love you' would
no longer feel neglected and forgotten.

Now I can only
Dance your favourite dance alone,
Until my knees hurt more than my dry eyes
Sing your favourite song alone,
Until I run out of breath
Like I did the first time we met.
Write you a love letter
And send it to Heaven
hoping that you can forget my ignorance
on how precious time is
to be wasted on single kisses
under the warm sun.

Will Barber 07 May 2006

This is lovely, and lyrical - 'dance until my knees hurt worse than my dry eyes' blew me away - the dancing, the song, the single kisses - I loved it all.

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Linda Preston 01 April 2005

Hello Ivy, First time I've read your poetry - I like this one kind of wistful - your english is very good. Don't think you need to repeat the word 'miserable twice' though

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Ivy Schex 30 March 2005

Please tell me, what does it mean? Your admirer, Ivy

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William Mae 16 March 2005

very touching, very heartfelt, you are one good writer, I can't believe how great your ideas are for poetry, your good.

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