A Love-Song Poem by Confucius

A Love-Song

Rating: 3.4

The moon comes forth, bright in the sky;
A lovelier sight to draw my eye
Is she, that lady fair.
She round my heart has fixed love's chain,
But all my longings are in vain.
'Tis hard the grief to bear.

The moon comes forth, a splendid sight;
More winning far that lady bright,
Object of my desire!
Deep-seated is my anxious grief;
In vain I seek to find relief;
While glows the secret fire.

The rising moon shines mild and fair;
More bright is she, whose beauty rare
My heart with longing fills.
With eager wish I pine in vain;
O for relief from constant pain,
Which through my bosom thrills!

Susan Williams 18 January 2016

Love is not a rational thing. We do not sit down and reason with ourselves about who we should love. We know this for a fact because what person with a functioning mind would choose to go through this pain, this heart-ache, this sleepless torture called yearning, for another person to love them back. But we do and this inspires these lovely.poems and songs and plays and novels.throughout the ages since Adam and Eve.

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sarah jane 16 September 2019

what is the meaning in every stanza?

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Susan Williams 07 February 2017

Confucius wrote this. I keep coming back to that fact. I always thought of him as a writer of pithy tart remarks!

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M Asim Nehal 18 January 2016

Superb love song, I liked it. Thanks for sharing.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 18 January 2016

Mind blowing love song with mind blowing narration of the longing for the beloved with rarest beauty. Thanks for sharing.

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boomer 06 January 2020

beautiful poem best ever

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sarah jane 16 September 2019

what is the meaning in every stanza

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Chinedu Dike 07 February 2017

Beautiful love poem well articulated and nicely brought forth from the heart. A lovely piece indeed.

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Rajesh Thankappan 07 February 2017

A brilliant love poem as bright as the shining moon.

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Amar Agarwala 07 February 2017

I thought Confucius was a thinker who wrote about life and wisdom. But this poem is enchanting!

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