A Man And A Fawn Play Together In A Garden… Poem by Mahmoud Darwish

A Man And A Fawn Play Together In A Garden…

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A man and a fawn play together in a garden…
I say to my friend: 'Where did this little one
come from? ' He says: 'From Heaven - perhaps he's
the prophet John come back to me in my loneliness.
I've been blessed with his company. He has no mother
to nurture him so I became his mother, I give him
goat's milk mixed with a spoonful of scented honey
and carry him like a lover's cloud through an oak forest.'
I said to my friend: 'Has he become familiar with
this house of yours, filled with voices and utensils? '
My friend said: 'He even lies in my bed when he's ill.
I become sickly when he does. I hallucinate:
O orphaned child, I'm your father and mother,
get up and teach me tranquility.' I waited one month
before visiting my friend's rural home. And his words
came with tears, strong Solomon wept for the first time,
telling me in a quivering voice:
'This son of the father deer and the mother deer
died in my arms. He couldn't adjust to a domestic life.
But his death isn't like yours or mine.' I said nothing
to my desolate friend. He didn't bid me goodbye
with a recitation of verse, as usual. He walked to the tomb
of the white deer. He gathered sand in his hands
and cried: 'Rise up, my son, so your father can sleep
in your bed - only there can I know tranquility.'
He is asleep in the fawn's grave and I have
a small past in this place…
A man and a fawn lie together in a garden…

Bharati Nayak 18 November 2017

Such pure love- - -very heart touching write, thanks for sharing.

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Anil Kumar Panda 18 November 2017

A beautiful poem on love between the man and the fawn. very touching. Thanks for sharing.10+++

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Edward Kofi Louis 18 November 2017

A spoonful of scented honey! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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Bernard F. Asuncion 18 November 2017

Such a heartwarming poem by Mahmoud Darwish.....

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James Mclain 18 November 2017

A man and a fawn lie together in grace.. James McLain

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Denis Mair 18 November 2017

Perhaps the man identified with that faunlike soul, so it became an emanation of himself...that's why its death was not like yours or mine. Seeing such love between man and faun made the narrator joyful, and his joy entered into the magical warmth of that place. (Trying to stay under 300 characters.)

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Susan Williams 18 November 2017

Perhaps we should let the wild and free be wild and free. I would not like a giant to find me and put me behind high walls and do only as he wishes- -even if he were kind, I would yearn for my homeland and my people and my ways.

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Savita Tyagi 18 November 2017

So touching and heartbreaking. One of the most sad tender moments of life is when we part with an innocent and meek companion.

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 18 November 2017

A poem full of pure passion with a very touching story within. Thanks for sharing the poem.

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Geeta Radhakrishna Menon 18 November 2017

A man and a fawn lie together in a garden A touching story poetically penned with much emotion. Congratulations Mahmoud!

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