A Man For All Reasons Poem by Vidi Writes

A Man For All Reasons

Rating: 5.0

He who caused a break on religious authority
Through his draft emerged an Empire, mighty
Trusted ally of Emperor exerted singularity.

Played his role in decapitating Boleyn
Confident of king behind the slain
Earned enemies through Booty gain

An alliance of matrimony, miscalculated
Wrath of king called and got executed
En era of that man ended, without being exonerated

He, the villain, in – ‘A Man of all Seasons’
Cromwell – his death, marks his king’s treason
Bookies favourite – ‘ A Man for all Reasons’.

(For the full story of Thomus Cromwell minister of Henry VIII... pls go for Wolf Hall - Booker - 2009)


Sandra Martyres 08 October 2009

Nice piece Vidi, the format is ideal with perfect rhyming...

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 08 October 2009

Well, look who 's back in town? ! Hey there, young lady...Good to see you, and if indeed you have been away from the quilling circuit, you should know that you have returned without a grain of rust or smudge of tarnish! Powerful & metre-mellifluous work, indeed, Vidi. F j R

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Saadat Tahir 08 October 2009

fantastic vidi.... back with a bang just tore out a page from the history book and dagger-stuck it on the riders club gate... very powerful purposeful...well thought out and reflective read...great in R&R really liked it cheers and ten

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Indira Renganathan 21 October 2009

Nice you have made poem out of history....informative and interesting.....thank you....and thanks for your comment on mine too

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Akram Awadat 17 October 2009

good write, wonderfull poem

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Shashendra Amalshan 16 October 2009

Hi.. First I got to tell you so glad to have you back in PH again! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! .. This is a very nice poem with lots of rhyming. And of course learned a bit of history too.. I enjoyed reading this one. loves shan

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Raj Nandy 14 October 2009

A good slice from English History! Even for non History students, - this episode is often shown in TV's History Channel! A deserving 10! -Raj

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Kesav Easwaran 09 October 2009

well said aptly said Vidi...thanks a lot to you the exploring poet...10

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