A Marathon Run Poem by Vidi Writes

A Marathon Run

Rating: 5.0

In this stadium of life
I see everyone busy running
Not, all are athletes
No ghost chasing at back
Not part of morning jogging
Still are running
A marathon run.

Run behind
Those who praise.
Run behind
Thos who make use of.
Run behind
Ideologies impractical.
Run behind
Death processions.
Run behind
Glamour of world.
Run behind
Demonstrating flags.
Run behind
Power, status and money.
Run behind
Senseless rituals.
Run behind
Cultural extravagance.
Run behind
Popular institutions.

Run, run and run
During this marathon run
Somewhere you loose company
Accomplice, not able to keep pace
Thus left behind
Never knowing, you run
It makes you tired, exhausted
You need to get a cup of water
Need a bowl of rice
To gain energies and calories
At a juncture, you don’t find
Means satisfying those needs
And start blaming those who
Couldn’t keep pace with you.
Ultimate, where you reach
In this Marathon run?
A blame game! A loss! Waste of time and energy! …

Running is not bad
But run with purpose.

Take some time to think,
Take some time to be with accomplices,
Take some time to introspect and change,
Take time to run with purpose,
Take some time to watch other’s run,
Take some time to advice those in need.


Shashendra Amalshan 29 July 2009

this are great lines indeed.. you know world has turned out to be a great rat race indeed.. I hate this rat race we run everyday.. wake up early in the morning... then run to school.. then study complicated economics.. then when i get home mom says i v to do a job... i hate this rat race too.. i mean y do we have to run this rat race... i like living with books, and literature.. good i study lit too at uni, ... that s great fun.. but economics... now that i hate.. economy is the study of money.. how men react to certain changes in money... yet the case is even if we hate that race... we still have to run it dont we? .. otherwise hard to survive... recently PH has become a one big rat race too....... i mean some people making scene out of who sits at the top..... anyway keep penning ma'am.. hope to see you soon on PH..... with lots of love shan

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Kesav Easwaran 20 May 2009

Good message you give, Vidi...noble sentiments inside...and good use of metaphors...thanks...10

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Mamta Agarwal 29 June 2008

herd mentality, without any sense of direction. yes we need to know why and where we want to go. quite philosophical and true. remins me of a song in Taree Zammen Par

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Richa Dhodi 04 May 2008

The message is quite lucid here. It is true people are running a race of assorted things. People are blind fold with their actions and there life dont pertain beautification because moreover it is seen every where that a showcase of comparison and a system of badwagon has come up which is worsening the condition. Your poem is excellent piece and the depiciton is clear that the genuine ways are denied in life and thatswhy life has come up with a new defination and shows many facet.

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Abha Sharma 24 April 2008

The rhyming and the rhythm of all the parts are interesting along with the theme…the metaphor aptly describes the modern life…we are blindly running a rat race…the message in the poem needs to be meditated to stop life from being mechanical and hackneyed….well composed with a genuine sentiment….

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