A Memento Poem by Ernestine Northover

A Memento

Rating: 4.5

I opened up a Bible, and there between the pages,
A rose had been secreted, it must have been there ages,
I wondered who had so placed it, displaying still its magenta red,
For remembrance perhaps, or a memento, sweet petal's carefully spread.

I tried to imagine it fresh and new, all that long time ago,
And observing it, quite suddenly, my tears began to flow,
I left it in that Bible, it wasn't damaged in any way,
Knowing someone else would find it, when they felt the need to pray.

Duncan Wyllie 19 February 2006

Dear Ernestine please read 'A Simple Rose'Love Duncan

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Gina Onyemaechi 19 February 2006

Gentle and sad. Warm regards, Gina.

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***** ********* 19 February 2006

A lovely touching poem Ernestine, and what a nice thing to do, to leave it there for the next person who may need it. All the best wishes to you and hubby. Remember, roses are for lovers too. 10 from smiling and thinking of you both, Tai

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Anna Russell 23 February 2006

I loved this and will be sending it to my mum as she has a flower pressed in the pages of the bible she had when she was a kid. It's been there for the best part of 50 years and, although a little faded, it's still beautiful.10 from me. Hugs Anna xxx

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Ghada Shahbender 28 February 2006

Ernestine, your poems have touched my life in a delicate way... this one has done that in an excptional way. Thank you for the rose.

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Andrew Blakemore 28 February 2008

This is so sweet, thanks for sharing. Andrew x

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Melvina Germain 07 July 2007

I remember my Mom placing a rose in between the pages of a Bible and it also kept it's deep red colour. Your poem is lovely in every way, I love it Ernestine. --Melvina--

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Lola Cunningham 16 March 2007

Ernestine...again, I find myself drawn to your work. I am new here, however have visited your peoms several times. You write with such passion-such heart. I truly like this poem and other works of yours.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 15 September 2006

Poetess E.>>>The Rose though primarily regarded as a symbol of Romance...In truth, and historicallu, is more recognized as a floral of Passion...During the Month of MARY(May) , White Roses are most usually the Church's Fflower of choice. However, Romantically or Thologically...This is a solid Write, young lady indeed! ''''''''''''''''''FJR

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Brian Dorn 06 April 2006

Ernestine, I hope this rose finds its way into many, many hands. A beautiful poem! Brian

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