A Nature Lover's Diary Poem by omar ibrahim

A Nature Lover's Diary

Rating: 4.2

i love the river between the banks
beshrew a drinker who doesn't give thanks

i love the breeze hitting my face
it's from my God, a very huge grace

i love the culver flying free
holding a branch of an olive tree

i love the sun of a shiny day
throwing on my flower a pure, yellow ray

i love the penguin standing on the ice
i love the cat chasing the the mice

i love the nature.it's beautiful and great
beshrew a beholder who doesn't meditate

dedicated to: (Mohammad Hassan) .

july,2009 by Omar Ibrahim


Areg Adham 01 November 2009

that's a wonderful poem. i can imagine every word

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Jenna Jones 06 November 2009

This poem is so beautiful! ! It deserves more then a 10.. Jenna

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Nicole Hayes 06 November 2009

this is a great poem! i love it :)

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 14 January 2010

A poem on nature well written…thanks for sharing… 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 28 March 2010

Excellent! ! ! a sincere love for Mother Nature.

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Shaun Cronick 03 June 2020

A wonderful poem full of happiness and great observations of nature and wildlife. 10++ and added to my favs. Thank you for sharing your well crafted poem sir.

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Derek Haughton 09 December 2011

Happy to read the mildly archaic language and the reference to Spenser! The 'ice' 'mice' lines spoil the whole, but a fine effort.

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Vyktor Ekott 01 September 2010

I love your poem. Are you really 16?

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Eman Obied 14 August 2010

I really do like it, your sense of observation amazes me, great!

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Marina Gasbey 03 August 2010

The beauty of nature is the beauty of the world. Even humans, who often times inadvertently destroy the landscape, and pollute the air, are a part of nature. Some humans are also very kind though and care for the Earth as best they can. Me, I walk outside, and see the beautiful little brook settled behind my home, and walk down the trail and all I can hear is the running of water, and the singing of the birds, and I am at peace... I believe you wrote passionately and truthfully. Thank you so much for your ingenuity... Marina Gasbey...

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omar ibrahim

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