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A Nature Lover's Diary

Rating: 4.2

i love the river between the banks
beshrew a drinker who doesn't give thanks

i love the breeze hitting my face
it's from my God, a very huge grace

i love the culver flying free
holding a branch of an olive tree

i love the sun of a shiny day
throwing on my flower a pure, yellow ray

i love the penguin standing on the ice
i love the cat chasing the the mice

i love the nature.it's beautiful and great
beshrew a beholder who doesn't meditate

dedicated to: (Mohammad Hassan) .

july,2009 by Omar Ibrahim


Mohammed Hassan 28 July 2010

wow, great one i loved it, the images are so beautiful, and the rhyme too. that's true the lover doesn't care about anything but the nature around him\her great one my friend

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veronique buea pre 28 July 2010

marvelous poem its reminde me going back to Amman back in jordan how you discribe the olive trees and the marvelous brezz soudn like mother natuer keep it up cheers

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Hans Vr 25 July 2010

a very good poem Omar, a grateful heart for the apparently small things makes a fine person. I enjoyed reading the poem and became a bit more grateful in the process. Thanks for the nice write.

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pretty good and flawlessly written, but i can't relate the caption of the poem with what d matter inside... when i read th caption, 'A nature lover's diary' i thought it might xplain abt hate also...see, i'm bringing this point coz u have said 'diary'. We dont write only the things we love in our diary... nd okay, even if u want to write all the things you love and exclude man and his disasters nd. if it's a nature lover than he must hate man for all d destruction... I know it seems pretty insensitive what all i said but all's happening coz of d word, 'diary'. i think u gotta change the caption for makin it perfect.

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Your poem is truly 'a nature lover's diary' chronicling the beauty of Mother Earth.M.I enjoyed your poem.

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Shaun Cronick 03 June 2020

A wonderful poem full of happiness and great observations of nature and wildlife. 10++ and added to my favs. Thank you for sharing your well crafted poem sir.

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Derek Haughton 09 December 2011

Happy to read the mildly archaic language and the reference to Spenser! The 'ice' 'mice' lines spoil the whole, but a fine effort.

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Vyktor Ekott 01 September 2010

I love your poem. Are you really 16?

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Eman Obied 14 August 2010

I really do like it, your sense of observation amazes me, great!

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Marina Gasbey 03 August 2010

The beauty of nature is the beauty of the world. Even humans, who often times inadvertently destroy the landscape, and pollute the air, are a part of nature. Some humans are also very kind though and care for the Earth as best they can. Me, I walk outside, and see the beautiful little brook settled behind my home, and walk down the trail and all I can hear is the running of water, and the singing of the birds, and I am at peace... I believe you wrote passionately and truthfully. Thank you so much for your ingenuity... Marina Gasbey...

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