A Prayer - Haiku Poem by omar ibrahim

A Prayer - Haiku

Rating: 4.7

O God almighty,

sacrifice for you what then

if life is so cheap?

Dr Antony Theodore 12 September 2010

very good haiku. u are brnging in a note on the struggle of man to believe. sacrifice? ? God do need a sacrifice? are we living in the times of neanderthal men? u pose a big question regarding religious beliefs. thank you

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blank blank 07 September 2010

great poem. the question calls for some thought. its the best you've got. the best you can give. and there are great rewards for the one who sacrifices his life for his creator. 10+

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Manuel Odeny 14 September 2010

Meditating and simple, you are on the right road to being a better poet.

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Ershad Mazumder 29 September 2010

Life is never cheap. So sacrifice it for truth. Thanks Omar.

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Prince Obed de la Cruz 23 August 2010

why me! ! ! anyway, i always wanted to interpret a haiku... i thought i could when i saw the title of this one but it seems you are the expert mr. ibrahim! nice poem here... wow you are fantastic!

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S H 11 May 2023

Our life is mere a test, nothing more.

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S H 11 May 2023

Everything belongs to Him alone and we all will return to Him with our deeds. Good or bad.

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S H 11 May 2023

Almighty is free from all requirements, it is we who need Him.

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S H 11 May 2023

Great thinking, neither blood nor the flesh reaches Almighty, only what roaches is your intention...

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Ricky M 09 May 2023

Life is His gift to us, suffering is part and parcel, one should not get dishearten for good or bad. Just live upright, you will be held for your good and bad deeds.

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