Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star! Poem by omar ibrahim

Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star!

Rating: 4.6

sparkle, sparkle little star
in your vast space in the galaxy very far
nothing can mach your beauty and power
your face! how pretty! like the face of my flower

very very big, but somehow small
in my eyes like the insect standing on the wall
a baby raises his arms, thinking you're a ball
but he feels disappointed as you're not ready to fall

sparkle, sparkle little star
sparkle and send your rays very far
there is a plant in need for your grace
and i need to meditate in your beautiful face

who can stop your shining bright
who can avoid your heat and light
only when you hide in the shadows of the night
the others have to twinkle in their colour white

dedicated to the great poet: (DEBORAH CROMER)

Amy Marie 16 August 2010

Very nice :) I love the rhyming.

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An enchanting read. Beautifully written, great imagery! ; D Read my, Stars, might enjoy!

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good imagery used, Omar. u've a pretty good and talented poetic sense of imagination which is clearly reflected in ur words here... can't comment much on this, its not my genre of poetry anyway keep writin.

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Cassandra Hooper 08 August 2010

Its a really gorgeous poem Omar :)

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Ahmad Shiddiqi 28 March 2010

Magical! ! ! A lucky words for star.

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Deborah Cromer 20 September 2020

I am honored and will never forget your kindness! Pens up!

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Shaun Cronick 03 June 2020

A most neat and enchanting poem. Keep writing Omar for you will get better and better at it. Don't lose hope good sir. 10++ and I wish you well, take care.

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Hans Vr 10 January 2017

Wonderfully beautiful, Omar. I hope you keep on writing poetry.

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Adele Connolly 20 April 2016

lovely poem very pretty

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Derek Haughton 09 December 2011

Not up to the standard set by some of your other work, try reading the second line aloud and if you can remain objective I think you will notice that it is clumsy, possibly because of straining to rhyme. Enough said, I could mention other faults but feel what's really needed is acomplete re-write.

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