omar ibrahim Poems

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Sparkle, Sparkle Little Star!

sparkle, sparkle little star
in your vast space in the galaxy very far
nothing can mach your beauty and power
your face! how pretty! like the face of my flower

A Nature Lover's Diary

i love the river between the banks
beshrew a drinker who doesn't give thanks

i love the breeze hitting my face

A Prayer - Haiku

O God almighty,

sacrifice for you what then

The Song Of Numbers

ONE god created the world
TWO eyes to read the word

THREE daughters for king Lear

River Nile

behold how the River Nile generously flows
and hugs the banks with its gentile waves
it flows and smiles to the sun above
it flows as the blood inside a body

Fishing For A Friend

when you go to fish
go fishing for the finest kind
which good anglers always do.

Forget Me Not

Forget-me-not, I felt how fair you be
the pleasing mien of you still haunts my eyes
though I must stay away from where love lies
so many flies they make it hard to see

Plants In Agony

I am a flower who lived in peace
in a garden which looked very much like heaven
but the gardener planted some noxious weeds
the weeds bribed the foolish gardener

The Legend Of Poemhunter (Ahmad Shiddiqi)

your sun won't descend
from now till the end
come on great poet
teach us poetry

Man's Immortal Sculpture

Don't try to carve your name on waves of sea
Because you precious time will go in vain
Do not assume that waves in place will be

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