A New Road Poem by Green Peace

A New Road

Rating: 4.8

different roads to reach'Him'
ample ways to meet the 'Gateway'
all vehicles in heavy momentum
on the move attaining dignified dignity

from where arriving?
where finally reaching?
who knows?
endless seems the peregrination

one after another
a continent of roads
some interlinked, some parallel
which ones the shortest, fastest, nearest?

in the journey to Infinity?
a new road, a new birth
nevertheless it continues
with ample twists and turns

which ones to suffer them?
to whom will it be a smooth excursion?
which road will be the ultimate?
from the cycle of birth and death?

Sathyanarayana M V S 21 September 2008

This is truly a poem of wisdom. The kind of questions great sages of yesteryears put to themselves and finally came out with UPANISHADS and VEDAs.///////////////////////...............10

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Koyel Mitra 21 September 2008

Great foresightedness, liked it.

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Subbaraman N V 22 September 2008

Genuine apprehensions and questions! There are of course matured answers available!

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Raj Nandy 22 September 2008

Dear Gargi, This is a good poem. Funny, today I wrote a poem called -'THE ROAD '! Would you like to read it? - Raj Nandy

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Kesav Easwaran 23 September 2008

the roads may be different...the ultimate destination for the journeys of all of us is one and the same...in between as we move on different passing shows... a good insightful inquisitive write...ten for you, Gargi

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Bhaswat Chakraborty 29 June 2009

A new road that liberates one from the maze of cluttered roads, a new road that leads to your deeper poetry... good aptitude, rich style.............10.............

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Allemagne Roßmann 25 May 2009

Green peace can only be attained through the roadway of Green revolution.Why expect somone to escort or follow you or merely following someone when everyone else should follow the revolutionary road of yours.Only this way is tenable a peace of mind, a heart's patience and eternal reticence as a bliss.Thanks for sharing.Ray Amito.10+++ of course.

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Ashraful Musaddeq 14 April 2009

which road will be the ultimate? from the cycle of birth and death? - the ultimate question, very true!

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Vinod Kumar 04 January 2009

A great information with the symbolic base, Thank you for sharing the endless information of life.

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Neha Aradhye 09 December 2008

i just loved the last 4 lines... Great work.. I must say, you are really into some new road.... you got a new path to follow, ,

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