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...But I'M Nothing To You

Rating: 5.0

you always tell me
what’s broken yesterday
chanting of hateful memory
yet you never ask
how am i doing today

i listen with my wits almost dry
but i still go with you in comfort
cause i’m your rocking support
who never ask you why

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Nooruddeen Mm 01 July 2009

Mononton One of the many faces of the Love Good one Tks Nooruddeen

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Reshma Ramesh 28 October 2008

well penned................

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Zia Eybers 09 October 2008

A poem I can relate to.....if your words means what they felt while I read them...well....I do not feel alone

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Shreya Chatterjee 10 November 2008

may be we were twins at some point of time...for what i know feel you have already written down..how well u read my little mind...simply awestruck...

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Daniel Dann 31 October 2008

hey dis is a great piece. we care for someone, because we love him/her.. and sometimes we wonder if they care for us too, in the same way we do? but it doesn't matter, as long as we're sincere.. but we gotta give our best, so that later we wont regret.. thanks. dan.

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Weldon Davis 01 January 2016

Sad yet true how some people stay stuck in the past and do not focus on the beauty of the day..You sir point that out with simplicity and style in your first few lines..Awesome

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Ernest Makuakua 28 December 2015

beautiful piece my friend yes sometimes our effort goes to waste trying to impress someone thanks for sharing

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Thomas Plotz 09 December 2015

How are you sir? Thanks to You; thanks to you.

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Thomas Plotz 09 December 2015

Don't worry I become your own - With whispers in my ear, to support me too. For what may I do for you now? But... I'M Nothing To You; you say, except I have found this poem all the same. But...I'M nothing to you. Great poem Manonton.

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Anitah Muwanguzi 03 December 2015

But I am nothing to you- but you are everything to me. I understand this perfectly.

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