A Poem About My Grandma Poem by Tracey Collins

A Poem About My Grandma

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My grandma was A beautiful person
And I love her very much
She told me stories of this and that and such
We would sit and talk for hours on end
She was my best friend
we went to the fair
She brought me new clothes to wear
On A pony I did ride
I laugh till I almost died
We had so much fun
Till the day was done
My grandma is gone to A place in the sky
Here i`m left to wonder why
My grandma was the best grandma in the world
I loved her so much I am never going to forget her
She will be in my heart forever.......

Lee Degnan 29 October 2006

Please tell this little girl that I'm sorry for her loss, and feel the same loss with her (mine died 7/27/06) . Please tell her also that this is the sweetest tribute, and Grandma is smiling down on her... God bless her! ~~Lee

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Tracey Collins 29 October 2006

Kelsey is just expressing her feelings, on how she feel that her grandma past away.......Hope U all enjoy the poem writen by this 10 year old.....

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Patricia Gale 29 October 2006

oh dear Tracey please tell her I am sorry for her loss, but her grandmother has inspired this lass to take flight upon her leaving this world, and she will be her muse standing by her side. Give her a hug from me...

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Diane Violet 29 October 2006

Kelsey has written a beautiful poem about her grandma give her a hug from me also. Thank you for sharing this Tracey. All the best, Diane

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Hariseni 10 July 2018


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Suraj 16 June 2018

Wow super guzzz

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Walterrean Salley 29 September 2014

A beautiful poem for your grandma. I know she would be very proud and overjoyed to know your thoughts (sincere, warm loving and tender) of her. Great job. Thanks.

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Frank James Ryan Jr...fjr 31 October 2006

Kelsey...You have a super friend in Tracey, and because so, all of us here at one of the largest Poetry Sites in the World will now have 2 special opportunities... 1) To get to know the very fine lady that your Grandma was...AND... 2) To get to know about the very special gift that God gave you, in being so talented to be able to write so colorfully and lovingly about the magical times you and your Grandma shared. And rest assured Kelsey, that in Heaven, your Grandmother can now be with you all the time, by watching over you, no matter where you go.I know so, because my Grandma went to Heaven a real long time ago...But she's still looking down over me, and making sure i stay in line! You are a gifted writer for your age...don't ever stop writing.Everything you nwrite is important, because it comes from you, and your own Heart...Hope to hear more about you & your writing in the weeks and months to come.Almost forgot...i loved this Poem very, very much...but that was pretty obvious, wasn't it, Kelsey? frank

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Duncan Wyllie 31 October 2006

This poem is written with all the love and feeling that any fine piece needs, it is in my opinion a master-piece and one of the most beautiful reads that I have ever read, what an amazing way to start the day Kelsey, you are a fine and gentle soul full of kindness and compassion, you will go far in life as a benefit to human values and kindness, your grandma sounds as if she also shared these same fine values, but guess what! They don't die, they live on in people like you Love duncan XXXXXXX

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