A Poet In The Hereafter Poem by Cj Heck

A Poet In The Hereafter

Rating: 4.8

St. Peter met her at heaven’s huge gate,
asking who was she and why had she come.
“Why should I let such as ‘you’ enter in?
I’m busy and there’s such a long line.”

She held her head proudly and vouched for herself,
told him her heart was honest and true,
then went on to list her other good traits
and sat down for a breather when through.

He stood there just staring, a frown on his face,
then proclaimed, “Access denied! ”
Access denied? Stunned, she started to cry
(for the option to heaven is wry) ...

She poured out a story of woe to the man.
“I’m just a poor poet, St. Peter, sir.
I did my very best all of my life
hurt no one did I... maybe once, ” she lied.

All of a sudden the gates opened wide.
There was St. Peter moving aside.
“God loves His poetry, ” he said with a grin.
“Dear poet, please come right on in.”

Jon Lloyd 18 November 2005

great CJ - made me smile. (Perhaps there's hope for me? Not sure if God logs on to PH tho...)

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Raynette Eitel 18 November 2005

We can only hope, C.J. Nice poem. Raynette

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Uriah Hamilton 18 November 2005

You hurt a person? Just one? That's not so bad, I hope God likes poetry!

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Marvin Brato 26 December 2013

We poets just expressed the varied sentiments of man love and hate, good and bad....we are just instrumental to the woes of man on earth, God shall do justice to our sacrifices!

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Scarlett Treat 02 February 2006

I know that my poetry is God-inspired. Otherwise, why would I sit for days on end. like a blank canvas, then, suddenly, paint a word picture so touching that it makes someone cry, or love more deeply, or feel someone elses' pain? God inspired, indeed.....Welcome to heaven, Poets. For inspired, read C. J. Heck. Linda

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Joseph Daly 02 December 2005

Where else would they have poets? Are we not tormented enough on Earth? (I mean we do go on about it a bit) . I loved this: the whole idea. Love Denis Joe

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Keiah Delu 20 November 2005

This was very poetic, inspiring and melancholy...I enjoyed the imagery in this piece. Good job...flawless!

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Ernestine Northover 18 November 2005

Great write CJ, if you read my poem, A Heavenly Thought, it might give you another idea on how to enter heaven. This one is really super. Thoroughly enjoyed reading it. Well done. Love Ernestine.

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