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A Poet’s Life (Fun Poem 13)

Rating: 5.0

A poet’s life is an awkward one,
he sits with pen and paper in hand,
writes down what comes into his head,
prints it up, reads it through,
only to find that someone
can’t understand
a blinkin’ word he’s written.
The most frustrating part
is that he understands it perfectly well,
so now he has to explain and tell
what the whole thing is about.
At times, a poet’s life
just wants to make you scream and shout.
So you take pen in hand again,
hoping what you write this time
they will understand.

(7 May 2007)

JoAnn McGrath 19 May 2007

Sometimes though with the english language being so diverse with the meanings behind one word......our own words are lost in translation....but we are still heard, , , , that's what I love most about posting here.....receiveing the comments back.....some loud......some clear: O)

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Caroline Morton 13 May 2007

The amount of times I have tried to write, and stopped because of misunderstanding. You put the feeling of the poets job accross perfectly

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Michael Fischer 12 May 2007

I can definitely relate to this David...Unfortunately, one person's creativity can lead to another person being mislead or confused. But I think there is some beauty in it because it makes a person think. But I understood this one perfectly and it was great. Top marks from me! -Michael

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Risha : Ahmed 09 May 2007

David, a lovely write and very true!

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Duncan Wyllie 09 May 2007

I had to laugh David, as I know exactly where you're coming from with this one Brilliant, just brilliantly put.. Thankyou David for voicing what many others were already thinking All put so well by you Take care Love duncan X

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Meggie Gultiano 03 October 2007

oh, yes, i agree with Lee here..we are sometimes called weird..oh, never mind, i'll just go ahead with my pen and paper..Top marks from me.. hugs, meggie

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Lee Degnan 03 October 2007

I figure, for every 10 poems you poets post on this site, there are 30 others that either got scrapped or left in a journal somewhere, never to be read by anyone but yourselves! ! I can relate, and although I don't truly call myself a poet, I write all the time but post only what I think might make sense, even a little bit, to someone else. This made me smile! ! No one understands but the ones that are like us! Hugs, Lee

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Dorothy- A. Holmes 14 July 2007

David, just explained a Haiku to a that really can take some explaining! ...They wanted to know where was the rest of the poem... One of my favorite lines follows: 'My pen hesitates not keeping pace with my hurried mind...' (I have had to explain that line too) (smiles) . 10 from me! Dorothy

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WOw much truth and so much knowledge in this one.Your right this is a Fun poem that makes US the readers think! ? ! (thanx alot) ((Smile)) I feel the same way just trying to be a Poet can be frustrating if someone does not get it...but as long as one can relate then all is well.... Many can relate to this one.Thanx for sharing my friend! =Shelley=

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Margery Rehman 21 May 2007

Well, David, you have a lot in common with Yeats, Eliot and Auden not to mention good old Ted Hughes. Let them figure it out for themselves. Regards, Margery.

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