A Purgatory Of Foggy Dreams Poem by Naseer Ahmed Nasir

A Purgatory Of Foggy Dreams

Rating: 5.0

A memory lingers on familiar lanes
An ache awakens on old pathways
A hue unique in the buds
A flower aloof in a vase
A melody in foliage drenched
A vine entwined around a column
A dawn lights up from its source
An eventide suspends time and space
A captive moon in the pane
A night so deep and intense
A desolate spirit, holes in its being
A hand on a dagger rests
An assault on the earth made
A mantle green on barren field
A garland of arms, touch of rose
A banyan of centuries decayed
A purgatory of foggy dreams
An era of waking sleep
It's a legend of a life time
Despair and grief in joy abides!

Translated into English by Mamta Agarwal
Copyright (C) Naseer Ahmed Nasir All Rights Reserved

Shahzia Batool 26 February 2014

...the legend of a life time... the familiar pains on the known ways become something to live with... (Despair and grief in joy abides!) ... this line echoes Blake's universal idea: Joy & Woe are woven fine, A Clothing for the Soul divine; Under every grief & pine Runs a joy with silken twine....

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Natasa Bajic 05 November 2012

Beautiful poem. Deeply felt.

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