A Rose Flower Poem by Akhtar Jawad

A Rose Flower

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After a fine mild rain,
I walked on the pavements,
Of a garden of flowers,
Aftershocks of showers,
Touched my heart,
And my soul smiled,
And the soul told me,
Watch all the flowers,
Feel there fragrance,
Love their colors,
But look for a rose,
The queen of flowers,
See your left,
See your right,
Remove green leaves,
And lightly kiss,
The wet pink petals,
Soft and untouched,
And listen to the flower,
She will sing a song,
On the beats of winds,
The leaves will dance,
I obeyed the command.

The flower sang,
Oh You! Long awaited,
Where you were,
Why so late?
I looked your way,
Since my bud hood,
Why don't you kissed,
When the flower was a bud,
If you would have kissed the bud,
My pink color,
Would have been shocking pink,
My fragrance,
Would have made this garden,
A paradise on earth,
I would have earned,
A name so great,
Cleopatra of roses,
My love story,
The world would have read,
Like poems of Wordsworth.
Now I shall remain,
Confined in your poems,
A few will read,
A few will like.
But your kiss was pleasant,
Blown a new soul,
Now let me behave,
Like a shy lovely bud.

My soul said,
This rose is now yours,
Pluck it, keep it safe,
As long it's alive,
I obeyed the command.

Now the flower has dried,
But still kept,
In the book of love,
When I open this book,
My soul smiles,
My love smiles,
And the dry petals,
Still smile,
Like fresh shy bud.

Thursday, September 18, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: rose
Imagination, imagination and imagination only.
Heather Wilkins 16 October 2014

a beautiful rose poem great imagination

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Salini Nair 20 September 2014

imagination beyond imagination...................................a lovely rose flower

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Abhipsa Tripathy 20 September 2014

wow! its a very nice & imaginative poem on a lovely beautiful pink rose...............

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Aftab Alam Khursheed 19 September 2014

lovely nice poem flowery-showery heart touching well chosen words thank you

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Roseann Shawiak 18 September 2014

Absolutely amazing poem Akhtar! Such well-defined imagery with a metered rhythm, I can only think to say how priceless and meaningful this poem is to me, Akhtar. Wow! Thank you for sharing it with us. RoseAnn

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Magadha Rani 15 February 2020

My soul said, This rose is now yours, Pluck it, keep it safe, As long it's alive, I obeyed the command.....lovely expression sir ji....a magnificent poem.......10

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Luz Hanaii 10 September 2018

Aw! so sweet, I too love to put flowers between the pages of a book.

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Khalida Bano Ali 15 May 2018

Such a great poem on beauty and love.

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Khalid Saifullah 04 November 2017

What a lovely poem...........................................................................

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Hazel Durham 16 March 2015

Beauty painted with your inspired lines that flow from all the love in your heart!

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