A Shadow Once Poem by Alexander Julian

A Shadow Once

Eating bananas, drinking chocolate milk, near the lemon-scented rain
Close to a distant hospital in a boy's mind, listening to lullabies
For adults while my parents did what you do to me now.
No one else was pure and I didn't say hello, but the gingerbread
House displayed at Hallmark and I hated Christmas lights.
Taking a fight burned me up inside during Ventura's great floods
With good money and all, winter avenues crossed unknown gates
Long ago in a galaxy far away when I was 7 years old-
No sense to it made me cry, it was only right in the newspaper,
West coast and fajitas burning on the tongue like King Kong.
Funny love how it was that pretty faces approached and retreated.
We were too young no matter how old we became
Since never dreaming of magnolia let me fall in love, again,
To swimming goldfish at the pet store or sharks diving
Before the waves at Sea World, special within me for staking
Claim on the front near Wendy's and the slowly decaying Kmart.
Perfect darkness helped my mind along the lines concerning
Star Wars from pictures and forgotten books of the movies,
Passengers uploading to antiques as heat promoted their silence.
Sandbags got buried in a grey slush in elementary as my happy illusion
Stirred right next to a closet of umbrellas, my eyes wandering elsewhere,
Sunlight above the greater strokes of morning breezes
Where thoughts caved in like magic against the growing dust-bunnies.
A roaring green hill allowed for my Gameboy sessions in burning weather
As distancing myself from soul kept knocking on hillside-ideas
Particular for managing time, time away from me where I was not.

Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Topic(s) of this poem: cloud,cloudy,dark,dark side,darkness,food,life,rain,reality
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