A Solitary Poet Poem by Uriah Hamilton

A Solitary Poet

Rating: 4.7

A lone flower peaks
Out over the city
From a tenement roof.
She is speechless
In her small pot
In the immense void
Of cold concrete and steel.
A solitary poet
Brought her there
To gaze upon
As he scribbles
Mad, translucent verse
Disconnected from sterile reality,
Preserving ancient poetic breath
And breeze of idyllic
Romantic past.

Jerry Hughes 01 June 2006

Agree with all the comments, Uriah, It's quite lovely...

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Duncan Wyllie 27 May 2006

This is one of the nicest poems I have read, a really wonderful piece of fine scupture Beautiful Love duncan X

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Amberlee Carter 11 April 2006

I adore this Uriah...man, you are seriously writing some fine poetry these days...Is this a piece from the dream journal? I think it is.... Always, Amberlee

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Ivy Christou 08 April 2006

I loved this Uriah.. It had depth and gave us a glimpse of that lonely poet that can get inspired from the beauty of a flower when everything else seems to be emotionless. HBH

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Hugh Cobb 31 March 2006

Yes, good images. The flower in the pot, of course, will die unless it is watered, but it needs the solitude to grow. Damn, I love paradox! Good poem, Uriah! Best, Hugh

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Bell Song 25 June 2007

Your poetry has touched a soul on the other side of the globe.

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Marvin Brato 27 September 2006

Niece piece, being a lover of poetry I too feel the urge within to express varied sentiments thru poetic verses. Write more my friend. take my 9

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This left me kind of breathless and speechless. A fine verse starkly yet serenely conveying that image of solitude so many (and perhaps especially poets?) know so well. t x

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Joe Breunig 29 June 2006

An enjoyable piece; loved the phrase 'translucent verse'. Nice job!

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Con Nie 04 June 2006

Loved the images in this poem. Good one. Sincerely, Connie Webb

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