# # A Soul Does - Senryu Poem by Samanyan Lakshminarayanan

# # A Soul Does - Senryu

Rating: 5.0

[veena an indian musical instrument]

the veena speaks to
the finger which strokes on it
soul a listener

the soft breeze speaks to
a flower it brushes on
soul inhales fragrance

[inspired from a song of a tamil poet KANNADASAN]

Carol Gall 09 July 2009

soul inhales fragrance beautifully written

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Sandra Martyres 09 July 2009

Nice pieces Samanyan.....thanks for the translation

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Ency Bearis 09 July 2009

a soothing effects for the soul...nice theme...10

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~ Jon London ~ 09 July 2009

Within the fragrance...we find this freshness...your words my brother.....stunning 10+++

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Catrina Heart 09 July 2009

Nice poetic description Sam...well penned! 10

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Ravi A 18 July 2009

A wonderful piece for its depth of contents. Actually, best compositions are born when our mind is completely lost in the deep, indwelling spirit. This poem reflects that you too had such an experience. Thanks.

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Music, breezes and flowers weave through these Senryu. I love them both! 10 Karin Anderson

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Antonio Liao 16 July 2009

deep words...witness my soul...to move on...such a dialogue...listen to heart and wonder my soul that all are just a beginning of life....you have a line of a poet that make the reader to love of what is life...thank you and God Speed....a 10 +

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Sandhya S N 15 July 2009

very touching words regards sandhya

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Lynda Robson 14 July 2009

This is lovely Sam, music to soothe the soul, 10 Lynda xx

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