A State Of Flux Poem by Jeremy Horsford

A State Of Flux

Rating: 4.4

I once thought, time was infinite,
navigating through existence,
whilst ungoverned and uninfluenced by the variables of beings.

I once thought, I was travelling forward...until the moment,
I felt I had lived through moments without registered history or proof of concept.

I have a feeling...my timeline is constantly being rewritten for reasons unknown at present.
My past a mystery of the future,
my present...a lapse of a period which does not seem to occur.

I have a feeling...my past, present and future exist simultaneously.
The waves of the future influencing the past
and vice versa,
leaving the present as the middle ground to explain the ripples.

I have a feeling...there is a constant paradigm shift.

The thought I could be an actor in a simulation,
whose actions are at the behest of a user,
would be a troubling existence.

The thought I could be immortalised in time,
would be a disturbing reality.
A Continuous Loop, serving which purpose?

The thought I could be witnessing my arrival as I depart,
suggests time is limited to my imagination.

The thought I could be rewriting my timeline unknowingly,
whilst the paradox of my existence continues to shape incoherent realities,
suggests it is not time which is infinite,
but my imagination which is infinite.

Am I truly responsible?
Or am I, but a byproduct of my imagination...
existing and co-existing simultaneously?

Sunday, April 9, 2017
Topic(s) of this poem: realisation
Tom Billsborough 10 April 2017

I like the idea of the present as the middle ground to explain the ripples. The examination of Reality and Consciousness and Purpose is expertly examined with many intriguing questions. One of the most thought-provoking poems I've read.

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Paul Amrod 10 April 2017

Hi Jeremy, Congratulations for a marvelous complex of intriguing questions. My Into the Loop of Perpetual Motion might interest you. There was a movement called Fluxus in the 20th century which also is interesting. Very ebngaging and a wonderful text. Greetings, Paul

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Jeremy Horsford 13 May 2017

Hi Paul, I am going to have another read of your 'Into the Loop of Perpetual Motion. Although it's a bit of a meaty one, reading whilst one is tired and in that moment has an attention span of gold fish, doesn't do your work justice.

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George Krokos 09 April 2017

We're all a product of God's imagination and so is time, space and the material universe or creation.

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Jeremy Horsford

Jeremy Horsford

London (United Kingdom)
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