Aftermath Poem by Jeremy Horsford


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I use you stare at you for days on end.

We use to talk about everything and
nothing. I can still hear your voice,
but your words are silent. Your unspoken
words, by a non-existent mouth haunt me

You pierced my heart and mortalised my
soul...Death in it's totality is now an
inconceivable possibility.

Why did you leave? I know it is not my
fault, but my heart breaks before I awake
and after I fall asleep.

The profiteers from tears, have left me
unable to manage the pain and the thought
of our disagreements, no longer bears

So where to from here...? Feeling I took
our time for granted?

Sunday, July 31, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: departure
Dimitrios Galanis 29 December 2016

Do pay attension on hiatus.Reshape the poem without hiatuses.

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Kelly Kurt 05 August 2016

A haunting piece, Jeremy. Time eventually fades such things but the hurt never full disappears

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Jeremy Horsford 06 August 2016

Only if what you said wasn't true. The above relates to a challenging experience sixteen years ago and the sad thing is...despite moving on, I can remember it all too well.

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Julie Smith 31 July 2016

Beautiful words, well expressed. I can relate...

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Jeremy Horsford 31 July 2016

Hopefully I haven't opened old wounds, but a door to your subconscious.

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Ratnakar Mandlik 31 July 2016

A beautifully conceived meaningful poem that is rich in rhyme and rhythm. Thanks for sharing.10 points.

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Jeremy Horsford 31 July 2016

I am grateful for your time and comment. I'll catch up with you and yours shortly.

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