A Sudden Storm Poem by asma bahrainwala

A Sudden Storm

Rating: 5.0

The blinding light
Of the brightest ever sun
Suddenly shrouded
By a thick pall of impenetrable darkness.

A strange silence engulfs.

A sudden chill creeps in;
The wind begins to blow
Forming a dense screen of dust.

The wind gains momentum.

It sucks the dry leaves
Up towards the sky,
A greedy funnel forms;
The trees sashay to the rhythm.

The wind begins to howl.

A roaring thunder roars,
Alarms the mighty earth,
Rips it off its grave silence,
And shoves it into utter chaos.

A frightening darkness befalls.

Now, I can hear the sky
Shrieking with pain;
Thunder-bolt and lightening,
Now it breaks into rain.

A heavenly downpour.

The anger subsides;
Tears begin to flow;
Nature reconciles.

A cool breeze gently blows.

A curious sun peeps,
Spreading a bright smile;
Darkness evaporates.

The landscape dazzles again.

2nd October 2006

Catastrophe King 15 October 2006

I loved the creativity shown by you here. The single lines in between, works like anchors binding the verses together. A true display of brilliance and talent, keep them coming for us... we are all loving it! Complete 10 for you here.

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Shivapriya Surve 19 November 2006

I have no words! It's the landscape come alive by your magical expression! I went through the whole turmoil and again gently traversed the gentle, reassuring shores! ! ! ! ! ! Bravo, Asma! !

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Prasanna Kumari 22 November 2006

nature's fury becomes more furious with your words -as if everything will be wiped off from the face of earth.but then there is reconciliation also...beautiful

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Jon Lloyd 27 November 2006

I am not going to say anything that hasn't been said before about this wonderful work, but I would just like to add my voice to the throng! ! (Loved the line about the trees 'sashaying to the rhythm'...!) Good stuff - thanks. Jon.

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Susan Bagley 29 November 2006

Asma, I love this! It reminds me of my Southern Rain poem only your imagery and feeling are approached differently! Good work! ! ! Susan :)

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Melvina Germain 12 June 2015

Wow that certainly took me on a dynamic journey. Thank you Asma.....

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Ron Flowers 22 June 2008

A real good poem. Very vivid.

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 08 March 2008

good poem................

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Roopa Menon 08 October 2007

Nice poem. Please keep writing

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Melvina Germain 26 August 2007

A remarkable description of a storm and it fury, your imagry is spectacular. You paint a fantastic pictue and you do it well. Excellent work Asma, I truly enjoyed the read.--Melivna--

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