A Sweet Dream. Poem by Nabakishore Dash

A Sweet Dream.

Rating: 5.0

When I woke up very early in the morning,
My wife murmured 'I am on cloud nine.'
Inquisitively I asked her the reason,
why so ecstatic in this hot dry season?
She replied that it was a necklace of diamond,
You presented me in my sweet dream land.
Then you drove me in a new Volvo sedan,
reached the idyllic park with a rose garden.
The garden was full of brilliant roses
the area was a paradise full of fragrance.
Birds were carolling with extra exuberance,
shifting their branches with unique elegance.
Bees were buzzing, gathered nectar and pollen,
Frequently changing the flowers for cross pollination.
The butterflies were in their random motion,
exhibiting colourful wings and figure eight orientation.
The cuckoo was calling for jovial companion,
The scenery was mind blowing breathtaking one.
Then we reached the gate of a five-star hotel,
The dream got disturbed by your mother's phone call.
Her fantasy was equally nightmarish for me
An idea was suddenly born to fulfil her dream.
I told her, still there is time for birds to sing,
I am yet to hear the rooster's crowing.
The crows have not cawed so far,
Enough time is there for the golden globe to appear.
I asked her to forge ahead in her sleep.
There is ample time for you to carry with.
Wear the necklace, enjoy the ride,
inhale the fragrance and relish the cuisine.
Dreaming necessitates effortless sleeping,
I may have to initiate sleepless efforts for actualising.
Then she went back into the REM slumber.
I went to the bazar in my old Vespa scooter.
Returned in an hour from the daily market.
awakened her to serve ' Maggy' breakfast.

An intoxicating dream that taught me a lesson.

Sometimes dreams can fuel us to do the things that will make our loved ones happy. They act as wake up call.

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Richard Wlodarski 17 May 2022

'I may have to initiate sleepless efforts for actualising'. I really love this line. For, this is one of life's greatest secrets. Now, no longer a secret. As much as I love that line, I love the whole poem. Top marks! marks!

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M. Asim Nehal 15 May 2022

Every unfulfilled wish gets fulfilled in dreams and at time it guides us to the realities, lets hope it comes true. ******

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Anjandev Roy 15 May 2022

Brilliant piece.....thank u, dear poet....

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You are a wonderful husband with a good heart for your family. Very inspiring. Top Marks.

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Nabakishore Dash 14 May 2022

Regards to u Mam.

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A wonderful and very interesting poem so beautifully expressed.

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