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A Temporary Man

Rating: 2.9

A temporary man
be a good distraction
when filled with action
of the physical sort,
a real sporty sport.
Any port in a storm,
so they say.


a permanent man
be a true mate,
her best friend
who's willing to lend
a helping hand
day or night,
do what's right,
hold her tight
and just love her,
and love her,
and love her.........forever.

Ershad Mazumder 12 September 2008

This life is temporal. So do not look for a permanent partner. Very good expression.

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James B. Earley 29 April 2008

The observation here suggests the temporary man is endowed with certain attributes considered favorable. I see no evident plan of elimination. My question is.....could there possibly be more here than you're sharing? ? ? ?'s a 10....... Thanks...

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Sylvi Sylva 07 January 2008

very true, i think the temp is more like (if I may invite you to read my Eye Candy) topten I say

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Raymond Wright 24 December 2007

From your lips to God's ears! Another beauty! ~Ray

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David Harris 13 November 2007

Fran, I liked this as it left me pondering for an appropriate comment to make. Grand poem as usual. Top marks and thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 16 December 2015

Fantastic... as usual! Kudos

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Sid John Gardner. 09 July 2013

Most of my women friends have this dream, that they will meet the.perfect' man. When you find him tell me who and where he is as I need a pair of old walking boots mending...

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Sid John Gardner. 14 March 2009

No more than a distraction.Many a true word.

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Reshma Ramesh 08 February 2009

hmmm...........permanence has its own advantages............well penned

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<font color =fusha>Amy 22 September 2008

this is really expressed well- congrats-

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