A Vision Of Home Poem by James B. Earley

A Vision Of Home

Rating: 3.6

Somewhere within dwells the soul of a boy
And childhood dreams of Illinois
....With thoughts.....of home again

Whose summers of youth are long gone by
A returning 'stranger' is the reason why
It's not easy to go home again

Why tell a soul who I am
Would anyone really give a damn
On the streets of home again

A solemn stroll through rolling hills
Gaze reminiscent on dusty fields
....The aroma...of home again

An old house sits.....atop the hill
The swing on the porch...is swinging still
...Memories......of home...again

Down the road......to the aging...Church
Again feel the glow of the old folk's touch
.....So near...it's almost...home again

Autumn encroaching...the kids are in line
The classroom..the books...and recess time
.....And sounds......of home again

Mirage in the midst of a desert waste
......A faint illusion of another place

...That vision

................................Of home


Author's note:
Encompassing an impassioned sense of spiritual yesteryear, 'A Vision Of Home' is dedicated to that sacred Mecca - by the side of the road, at the foot of the hill, 'New Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, ' Mounds Illinois. And to its pastors, and parishioners, past and present - with all the love and affection..conceivable.

Alice Affi 17 June 2008

You paint such a vivid picture through this poem. Beautiful sentiment, it's so true that even when you return to your home town things aren't the same. Thanks for sharing and thanks for your comment on my poem Solace for Solitude. God bless Alice p.s. this gets a 10 from me :)

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Ron Flowers 04 June 2008

A wonderful bit of nostalgia. I enjoyed reading it. Ron

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Hela Jug 21 May 2008

Home-eternal inspiration.. i wish i could go home so badly. beautiful poem.

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Riquetta Elliott 08 May 2008

You must be really home sick Mr. Earley. I having a childhood dreams and memories about bring home in Illinois. I have to admit too I miss my home (Queens, NY) town. Very good poem sir.

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Karin Martin 05 May 2008

I have learned that someday, all the things I dreamed of doing will be out of my reach. This poem screams out to me to pack my bags and go home. It is so caressing in memories and lingers still as I write my comment on its yearning. Karin E. Martin

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Mamta Agarwal 08 February 2012

going back that place which was once home, watching from sidelines, wistfully- you have captured the sense of loss, longing for bygone times poignantly. Thanks, it's moving and one I can completely relate to, thanks James

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Bob Blackwell 09 January 2012

Memoreis of home still haunt me with happy memories of times gone by, even though I have travelled far from birth place. The lessons taught stay with me to this day. I thank you for this lovely poem.

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inherent beauty in this poem..it should be close to every one..the smell of your home...the touch of the old folks..lovely...10

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Ron Flowers 27 March 2009

James, this is a wonderful poem. I like the way you wrote. I especially like the stanza ending refrain. This is a first class bit of writing. I gave it a 10 only because there are no 11's. Also, thank you for reading and commenting on 'A Sonnet To My Little Town.' Regards Ron

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Julie Dant 16 September 2008

Yes, James, I have felt all you write. We have similar poems. I was born in Lawrenceville, Illinois and lived there until the 2nd grade, so I have lots of very young childhood memories.there, but the home I miss the most is in Indiana and is now a garage. That place, in the country, is where MY childhood soul dwells. You write very well. I go to read more of your work.

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