A Well Rehearsed Country Verse Poem by Tia Maria

A Well Rehearsed Country Verse

Rating: 5.0

We can't share this same space
Less he gets out of that bad place.
Oh how I tried, all I did was cried.
Until I composed another song
A good old country one
About another love gone wrong
Now I am strong, life carries on
So don't you be worryin 'bout me
Whatever will be, will be....


Hang in there Tia. It can only get better so compose a happy song and we will sing along with your new happiness. Well written and thoughtful write! 10 Karin Anderson

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Fay Slimm 10 July 2009

Lovely Tia - - - this is too sad and here is a big hug to help you forget the bad place - - a strong verse and very telling..... xx from Fay.....

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Ency Bearis 10 July 2009

old song are golden..and nice to reminisce...que sera, sera - what ever will be, will be...always reminds with the song along with past events... nice provoking poem.....10

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Andrew mark Wilkinson 10 July 2009

Old song's end, new ones always begin the show must go on and never end.. Andy 10

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Duh Huh 10 July 2009

As always Tia, you have a way of weaving the words to make them sing. Very well done and thank you for sharing your talent with us :)

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