A Little Book To Remind Me

Rating: 4.8

When I feel there is no hope
And begin to feel I shall not cope
I reach up to the bookshelf to find
Something to read to ease my mind

And nine times out of ten what happens
Is your hand takes mine within seconds
Reaching for a little book to remind me
When I needed you most you did not leave me

Duncan Wyllie 09 November 2008

Very moving piece TM, Thankyou for sharing it Love duncan X

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Min Sia 09 November 2008

Loving..touching..comforting! These words are not enough! I was mesmerized!

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Lynda Robson 06 November 2008

That is so lovely and heartfelt, may you always find comfort in the bible, Lynda xx *10*

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Anjali Sinha 06 November 2008

a beautiful write thanks for sharing +++10 regards anju

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Dr Hitesh Sheth 06 November 2008

Yes that holy book cleanse mind's corners and nooks. beautiful write.

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Sonya Florentino 08 June 2009

this is so beautiful...the book calling to you and making sure you find it...sometimes when we're searching for something we can't find it, but when we're ready it finds us, one way or another...

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Rm. Shanmugam Chettiar 16 November 2008

A touching poem. it was nice to read

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ppp sss 13 November 2008

Such simplicity as in just reading a book, yet such depth in this piece. As an avid reader I can relate. This was /is a pleasure to read.

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Chuck Petz 13 November 2008

Beautiful sentiment, nicely narrated.

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Michael Gale 11 November 2008

Ah yes-Some things we take for granted such as owning or obtaining a book to read. Or the ability to write or read. Ableto walk or see or hear. Education is nothing more than a privilidge and sometimes not even a right. The only thing that i can recommend in life is read as much as you can. If you cannot afford, i urge people to go to your library and borrowa book to read. God bless all poets and those who want to and can read-MJG.

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